C. Wayne Totherow

Founder, President and Operations Manager. A life long believer in Sasquatch, Wayne decided to form his own research group in the spring of 2019. Discouraged at the bitterness and arrogance he had noticed from other researchers in the Bigfoot community, Wayne made up his mind that those would not be the characteristics of his group. Thus Mannimal Research was born. Wayne prides himself on his ability to listen, and be open minded. He truly believes that there are no experts in this subject, and that this legend will be proven a reality by amateur researchers such as the ones in this group. 

Derrick (Jasper) Walls

Founding member and Vice President. Jasper is an ex long haul truck driver. He also has a background in Law Enforcement that has certainly aided in his keen eye and attention to detail. Jasper became interested in this subject when he believes to have had an encounter during a camping trip with his two young sons. He is always thinking outside the box and is willing to try new research techniques. He may also be the most daring and fearless member of the team. He is the first to admit though, that's not always the best trait to poses.

Travis Bowen


Will Bustos


Travis, 40 years old, is the MRSSI lead investigator in Virginia. He is a field chemical operator by trade, but has also spent most of his life in the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains. An avid outdoors-man, hunter and fisherman he knows the local wildlife. He also has a lot of night time predator hunting. This adds hours of experience using electronic and mouth game calls, along with night vision. Travis is also very experienced with FLIR thermal imaging technology. He is dedicated to gathering as much evidence as possible. he has had three visual sightings and numerous other encounters including vocalizations. We are very proud to call Travis a member of Mannimal Research. 

Will, 45 years old, comes from a military background. He has spent countless hours outdoors during military training, as well as recreational, including fishing, hunting, hiking and camping. He grew up hearing first hand stories about Bigfoot which made him a believer. Will had his first sighting in the spring of '93 and is an advocate for scientific methods of research and considers skepticism a necessary part of Sasquatch investigations. His mission is to further Bigfoot exploration, and hopes to bring the subject of Sasquatch as well as other Cryptids into mainstream scientific research. We at the MRSSI consider ourselves lucky to have a man of such integrity a part of our team.

Honorary Members

Daniel Benoit

Daniel is the founder of the ECBRO and the organizer of the Virginia Bigfoot Conference. He has been researching the subject for 10 years. Daniel has been most gracious and very beneficial to the MRSSI and we thank him for everything. Check out his blog at www.ecbro.wordpress.com

Daryl Owen


Daryl is the founder of the NCBPRA and a researcher for 27 years. Daryl has taken a special interest in Mannimal Research and has chosen us to share some of his findings with.These findings are some of the most impressive and sure to be very controversial. They can be seen on our YouTube channel. Please check out his website at NCBPRA.com

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